Monday, 11 May 2015

A skip, a moat, a bridge and some interesting features...

Would you really walk past this without noticing it if it was in front of your house?  I did.
It might be hard to believe, but this evening, when getting home, I’ve managed to walk past a skip filled with dirt parked right in front of our house without noticing it. It’s not exactly the most inconspicuous road furniture by a long shot, yet, I walked past it and only saw it when I looked down from our bedroom window. 

Quite frankly, if a Tory MP can have a moat, so can we!

If you have a moat, you do need a bridge. 

Noticing it might have provided me with a clue that things had happened to our extension today. Whilst it is still standing, the window and door of the old small extension have now gone, and that part of the kitchen (where the sink, dishwasher and washing once were) has been entirely stripped out, and the gap between that part and the rest of the kitchen is now boarded up, with the added bonus that, when sorting out the board, the builders managed to drill through a water main, which means that, until they sort it out, we can only use water very sparingly. Another 'feature' of our new set up is that the light switches for what is left of the kitchen are now effectively outside. 

I am not sure this would qualify as 'watertight' 
Something's missing

Perhaps not the nicest kitchen decoration we've come up with... 

The work being inspected