Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Oh the fun!...

AAAAAARRRRRHGGGGHHH! The penny has dropped! Dust is everywhere! Not quite yet in an evenly thick layer throughout the house just yet, but it is just a question of time, isn't it? Sean's been busy washing the floor a few evenings in a row now, and since having lost the wet area of the kitchen, we have to rely solely on the bathroom for all our watery needs, whether it is for our ablutions or for doing the dishes.

Following the guys drilling through a water main on Monday, the heating system went into complete overdrive at 1am on Tuesday night as water was dripping from what was left of the old radiator in the kitchen and the whole system was losing pressure.

Half of the old extension gone

Is this what they call 'open plan'?

The old small back extension is now completely gone, giving us, for the first time, an idea of the actual footprint of the new one. And we're now having to pack what's remaining of the kitchen ahead of us moving out for a few weeks as the bathroom gets its own makeover. Oh the fun...

It's gone!
The garden now has direct access to next door, which should at least please Spike