Thursday, 21 May 2015

Un petit coin de moins (look it up!)

Covered throne

The post-apocalyptic look is coming along nicely thank you very much

Not fit for ANY queen... 

Well, today I did experience a little bit of the actual chaos that our house has become as I locked myself in the office whilst the bathroom was being pretty much pulverised. Work started this morning, but by 10am, the bath was already gone, the toilet was not toiletting much anymore, and the travertine tiles were being hammered off the walls at a pretty significant rate, whilst other things were happening elsewhere. 

The front skip is full of debris, old TVs and fridges and god knows what as they have clearly started to empty the garage of its content (the garage will soon be a pile of asbestos rubbles). 

Parking restrictions

The dump
When I returned to the house this evening, it was much quieter, but the evidence of the destruction is even clearer. Like everything else in life, onwards and upwards it is...

This is clearly not a Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen design 

The bath taps have survived. Could come in handy... 
The French have a phrase to talk about the toilet 'le petit coin', or 'the small corner'. Nothing 'petit' about THIS 'coin'