Friday, 19 June 2015

What a difference a week makes

The old room

And the new

It's been a week since the last update, and since we last visited the house, the old outside wall has come down, instantly pretty much doubling the size of the room, and the steel beams have gone up, apparently not without a heavy dose of expletives. They did look pretty heavy when they were in the garden, and now they are forming the frame which is holding the house up, they look even more hefty. 

That's one big beam

The extension roof

Our builders are showing further signs of interesting artistry, this week convincingly tackling the auto-portrait genre.

The bathroom is also well on its way now. The shower is in place and tiled, and everything else has found its rightful place too. There should now only be a few more weeks before we can move back in.

Friday, 12 June 2015

View from above

Visiting the house as everybody is climbing ladders/carrying things/nailing things/shouting 'mind yourselves' everywhere, I caught the chance to have a look at what the view is from the roof. Not that it'll ever be useful of course, but I'm always up for grabbing a bit of fun. 

Something we never thought about, using the window cill to carry cups of tea  

No building site would be complete without a bit of builder's art, so here are a few examples for all to enjoy.

Meanwhile, the lounge is not looking like the most welcoming place in the world right now...

Thursday, 11 June 2015

We have a roof!

So, the roof went on the other day. Apparently though, not quite the right type (something to do with builders taking an executive decision of the 'wrong' kind). The one of the pictures is, I believe, the right one. At least, it looks like the work will now be kinda less dependent on weather.

 It is still quite difficult to really have a full idea of what the room will look like, but the old wall is meant to come down imminently.

It is easier to get an idea of just how big the bifold window will be. All we'll need then it's sunshine to enjoy it fully.

These mean-looking things will be holding the house up once the old back wall and windows are gone.

 Progress in the bathroom too. The mummified bath is certainly a feature I wasn't expecting, but everybody will want one by the time we're done. It's a winner!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Another brick in the wall, and another, and another...

It's been a while since the last update. Things are moving on quite fast now that the ground work is done. The weather's been a bit of a hindrance earlier in the week, but the concrete floor is now laid, and the walls are going up and up. The extension is now taking proper shape.

The beginning of the walls going up

And the walls up a lot more

The extension this evening

The extension this evening

The extension this evening

Inside, things are progressing too. The bathroom hasn't moved on much, but the downstairs toilet is taking shape too. It is actually odd to have the door of the old original galley kitchen, which was blocked when we had the kitchen and dining room done last time, back. 

There was a door, there was no door, there is a door again. 

The khazi