Thursday, 11 June 2015

We have a roof!

So, the roof went on the other day. Apparently though, not quite the right type (something to do with builders taking an executive decision of the 'wrong' kind). The one of the pictures is, I believe, the right one. At least, it looks like the work will now be kinda less dependent on weather.

 It is still quite difficult to really have a full idea of what the room will look like, but the old wall is meant to come down imminently.

It is easier to get an idea of just how big the bifold window will be. All we'll need then it's sunshine to enjoy it fully.

These mean-looking things will be holding the house up once the old back wall and windows are gone.

 Progress in the bathroom too. The mummified bath is certainly a feature I wasn't expecting, but everybody will want one by the time we're done. It's a winner!