Thursday, 30 July 2015

And they're off again...


This is NOT the island

Oven tower and fridge hideout

In recent weeks (for at least the last two) progress has all but stalled. Apart for the ceiling lights in the bathroom, there hadn't been anything happening, but it's all changed now that the kitchen has been delivered. It arrived yesterday, and installation started there and then. 

This gap should accommodate a reasonable number of bottles, don't you reckon? 

Sean's new toy

More on Sean's new toy

Wine fridges go here.

The high cupboards and the island went up today, giving much more a sense of what the room will feel like once all done, and it is all looking rather lovely. It is actually nice to see it for real, at long last, after seeing surface samples and 3D renderings. The debate about having low or high cupboards with dark finish went on for some time, but I always thought it would be much nicer to have the high cupboards darker, and I am pleased to see that it is working exactly as I imagined. Can't wait to see it all finished now. We still have to decide on the floor, but the end of the tunnel has become slightly visible now... 

Outside, the first coat of paint has been applied, and it's looking rather fine, don't you think? 

Cat used to provide some contrast...

Monday, 13 July 2015

An extended post about our extension...

A mountain! We had a mountain in our street!

The blog may have stalled, but work has been carrying on at good pace in the last few weeks. Perhaps the biggest change though is that we have now moved back in, which means that the bathroom, although not quite finished, is now fully usable. All is missing now is paint on the wall (we're getting there with that - will it be mushroom-y?), the mirrors about the sink and on the walls (oh yes, will have enough mirrors to see ourselves into infinity) and the towel rail.

The heavy work on the extension is nearing completion too. The roof is now firmly on, the kitchen window, door frames and skylight are in too, and the door windows should be in by tomorrow hopefully. The walls are also plastered, and the outside it also looking nicer by the day.

Since it's been a while since I last updated, here are a few pictures from the last few weeks.


Cables dangling down from the ceiling, pipes coming up from the ground, and stuff...

The extension with the old set of windows and doors

The extension with the new set of windows and doors... and a bit of slap on too

The extension as seen from the next door neighbour's garden

The new bifold doors. There will be glass in those frames soon. 

The new bifold doors. There will be glass in those frames soon. 

The new ceiling with the hole for the skylight
Bath and sink in
The back wall, which will eventually be all mirrored 
Sink and what will eventually be a towel rail

Bath panel, tiles and floor. This is a near completion as we are